Great Reasons

Why Wrestling is the Ideal Sport

Beat the Streets Detroit began with the goal of filling a void created by far too few organized sports available to kids in the inner-city. For at least 5 great reasons, we believe that wrestling is the ideal sport. Consider the following:

1. Inclusivity

Wrestling is unique in that all kids, regardless of their height, weight, or gender can compete and succeed in wrestling.

2. Safety

With all the media attention rightfully focused on concussions and brain injuries among football players and similar contact sports participants, wrestling offers a much safer option.

3. Equal Opportunity

As one of the fastest growing high school girls’ sports, and with nearly 50 collegiate women’s wrestling programs, participation in girls’ and women’s wrestling is skyrocketing, making wrestling the most equal opportunity sport there is.

4. Destination Sport

Wrestling is arguably the world’s oldest sport, incredibly popular, and its played all over the country and all over the world!  Several Detroit schools offer it (ask us which ones), in addition to almost every college and university in the country.  There are lots of opportunities and even scholarships for young men AND women participating in wrestling at the collegiate level!

5. Competitive Access

Not only can anyone wrestle… wrestling isn’t one of those sports which requires you to start when you are a toddler to be competitive. Many of the world’s best wrestlers didn’t take the sport up until their high school years!

Support BTS Detroit.

Beat the Streets Detroit exists to positively affect the lives of Detroit area youth through the sport of wrestling. All of our comprehensive services are made possible through generous donations and partnerships with individuals, charitable foundations and companies who want to make a great impact within Detroit. By investing in Beat the Streets Detroit, you invest in the future of this great city. We are currently in four Detroit neighborhoods supporting over 150 students.