On July 26, Coach Mendez and Coach Justin took some of our Beat the Streets Detroit – Mumford recently graduated seniors to Yumvillage. Our wrestlers got to learn firsthand from Chef Godwin Ihentuge about entrepreneurship, business planning/management, and various life lessons. Not to mention we had some delicious food!

Thanks Chef and Yumvillage for a great time!

About Yumvillage:

YumVillage brings the fastest growing models – delivery, retail and quick-casual – under one roof. By paying living wages and maintaining affordable options, YumVillage is as poised to create social impact as to maximize profit.

A delivery-focused, quick-casual restaurant, YumVillage brings diverse, accessible and convenient Afro-Caribbean food to Detroit with a growth model built upon off-premise sales, retail products and in-house experiential, but affordable options. Learn more at www.yumvillage.com.